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Episode 18

The Gang Does Columbia

Aaron, Nicki, and Jon chat about an upcoming Barry Bostwick meet and greet, some exciting virtual performances to put on your calendar, and learn about Columbia’s tragic backstory.

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Rocky Talkie’s Community Preshow Night will be held on Saturday, March 27th @10pm EST at

If you’ve got a favorite Preshow or any original, short-form Rocky content that you’d like to watch together, please submit it to us and we’ll include it in the lineup! Anything goes here - send us your funny skits, your musical numbers, your tiktoks - we want them all!!

We’ll see you on March 27th!

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  • Script by Aaron Tidwell and Meg Fierro
  • Produced and edited by Aaron Tidwell and Meg Fierro
  • Rocky Talkie is an Audiogasmic LLC Production

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