Meet Rocky Talkie

Join hosts Aaron Tidwell, Nicki Hickey, and Jon to discuss the latest news and current events in the Rocky Horror Show, Rocky Horror Picture Show, and Rocky Horror Shadowcasting community.

Aaron Tidwell

Aaron became a member of the Rocky Horror Shadowcasting community in 2004. He is a performer with NYC RHPS, and maintains and He collects Weird Fantasy #13B and is only a few pins shy of finishing his Frank Jacket, even though he hasn't played Frank in over a decade.

Nicki Hickey

Nicki became a member of the Rocky Horror Shadowcasting community in November of 2018. She is a performer and graphic designer with the Friday Nite Specials Cast in New Jersey. Her biggest dream is to play Sally in a Reefer Madness shadowcast and wants to organize her own shadowcast of Twilight.


Jon became a member of the Rocky Horror Shadowcasting community in January of 2016. He is the Assistant Director for NYC RHPS and performs as all the characters. He's also extraordinarily hot. Not like it matters for a podcast.



Meg is a professional Podcast Producer who specializes in true-crime and entertainment podcasts. She also runs the New York City Rocky Horror Picture Show Cast. She has a Juris Doctorate, which makes her way overqualified to be doing Rocky.

Jacob Roger-Gordon


Jacob received his bachelor’s degree in Economics from Pace University and is currently persuing a degree in computer science. He has a history of studying playwriting, acting, and directing. He has both been creating and ingesting his fill of rocky gossip since 2016 when one of his closest friends was accepted onto the NYC cast. He joined her in 2017 and has been a member since.

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