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Teseracte Staycation Live Show

On July 17th 2021, Nicki, Jon, and Aaron hosted a LIVE episode of Rocky Talkie at the Teseracte Staycation Convention. They took a deep dive into the first few Rocky Horror conventions with a special multimedia presentation of the show.

NAAQ Sources

Videos from Mike Russo and Joe Marzano At Club Heat & Roseland In 1979


Included are scans of the relevant pages from the early issues of The Transylvanian and The Transylvanian Upstate. We hold/claim no rights to any of this stuff. Distributed strictly for academic purposes.


  • Intro/Outro - Jupiter’s Smile by The 126ers
  • Stings - Library at


  • Script by Aaron Tidwell, Jacob Roger-Gordon and Meg Fierro
  • Produced and edited by Aaron Tidwell and Meg Fierro
  • Rocky Talkie is an Audiogasmic LLC Production

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