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Episode 42

Be Just and Fear Not

Jon, Aaron, and Jacob chat about a zany mixup at a UK tour theatre, learn about how Little Nell has been keeping in touch with her fans during Sydney’s second lockdown, and engage in some good ‘ol fashioned book learning discussing an academic paper with some hot takes.

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  • Reading Rocky Horror: The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Popular Culture 2008th Edition - edited by Jeffrey Andrew Weinstock
  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show Original Movie Script (The Movie Script Library) – January 1, 1995 - by Jim and Richard O'Brien Sharman


  • Intro/Outro - Jupiter’s Smile by The 126ers
  • Stings - Library at


  • Script by Aaron Tidwell, Jacob Roger-Gordon and Meg Fierro
  • Produced and edited by Aaron Tidwell and Meg Fierro
  • Rocky Talkie is an Audiogasmic LLC Production

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