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Episode 11

8-Bit Rocky Horror

Nicki, Aaron, & Jon discuss how the Brits are saving their stages across the pond, chat about recent virtual performances, and learn about all the different iterations of Rocky Horror in video games.

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Aaron's Research Extras


  • working, tested ROMs of all 6 releases w/ readme for which emulators to use
  • pdfs of full magazines that contain reviews
  • box art and asset art for many releases
  • vintage promotional flyers and ad spots

Nicki Asks A Question Sources


  • Intro/Outro - Jupiter’s Smile by The 126ers
  • Stings - Library at


  • Script by Aaron Tidwell, Jacob Roger-Gordon and Meg Fierro
  • Produced and edited by Aaron Tidwell and Meg Fierro
  • Rocky Talkie is an Audiogasmic LLC Production

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